IFComp 2019 Results

Results are up! https://ifcomp.org/comp/2019

Congratulations to Steph for Zozzled!


Any chance we could see the voting stats, i.e. how many people voted for how many games?

I think the least (number of judges votes) was 15, and the highest was 82. And they were actually ratings (1-10), I think that’s how that works.

I would be interested in knowing the total number of judges and the average amount of games voted on.

On the results stream/video she said there were 197 judges this year (or 198? I should have made a note of it) down from 244 (I think) last year.

I added up the vote counts from the result page, and if I didn’t miss (or mis-type) any it averaged out to just over 18 votes per person. A couple people said that most judges only vote for 5 games, so I assume there are also a bunch of people like @mathbrush who are throwing off the average. :wink:

But yeah, it would be cool to see the full stats. I wonder what that graph looks like? I voted on 10-12 games, don’t remember exactly, so maybe there are a bunch of people in the middle too.


I voted on almost 50 games, but these votes didn’t count. :slight_smile:

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