IFComp 2019 predictions

I am going to have to uphold the tradition, though I fear I am not very good at this:

  • A quarter of the entries will be Tolkien-style fantasy-themed.
  • About five games will be sci-fi-themed.
  • Two or three games will be based on Lovecraft’s writing.
  • More than half the games will be written in Twine.
  • There will be at least one entry with no interactivity at all. It will come second-to-last.
  • The game to come last will be a troll entry that is actually quite funny but hopelessly under-implemented.
  • There will be one otherwise solid game with an easily-fixed but game-breaking bug that gets noticed within the first three days of the competition but is never actually fixed. This game will get an average rating of around 3.75.
  • One entry will feature 80% hidden content, which 80% of the audience will miss.
  • Likewise, the commentary on current affairs in two games will be lost on the audience.
  • There will be exactly one quickly escalating, toxic discussion on that drives at least one person from this forum.
  • There will be several entries gleefully featuring murder, torture, cannibalism or some other unspeakable cruelty, but they will not loose points for it. The debate on down-marking for transgression of common norms of decency will instead focus on the one entry that dares to briefly mention consensual sexuality without mincing words.

I predict that the last two bullet points involve the same entries.


Okay, let’s try this. (I swear I haven’t peeked at the entries yet; I just woke up.)

*Entry #17 will feature a duck. The duck will win the ‘best character’ award in the Xyzzy’s.
*Entry #27 will feature a villain named Hugo who pretends to be gay in order to garner sympathy. His plan backfires.
*Entry #37 will feature a dream sequence that causes 40% of players to rage quit, and 20% of players to weep copiously and give it the maximum possible score.
*Entry #47 will feature a mystical cat that is clearly a flerken.
*Entry #57 will win outright.
*Entry #67 (yeah, I reckon there’ll be one) will receive the largest number of 1-star reviews, but will end up within a standard deviation of the middle.

There are 76 entries.


Unfortunately, apparently I think they have randomized the order in which the games appear in the lineup–it varies each time you click on the ‘Entries’ button–and the number of games is actually 82. But I like your predictions!

I mean this is good for the predictions. Now we can just load up the page until the game lines up with the prediction


All part of my genius plan.

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