IFComp 2018 voting deadline fast approaching

For some reason (timezone confusion?), I thought the voting deadline for the IFComp 2018 was tomorrow. It’s not. It’s tonight! At 23:59 EST. So remember to get your votes in.

For the time zone challenged, here’s a countdown timer.

And here’s the voting ballot.

This has been a public service announcement.

Jacq says the results will be announced on Twitch tomorrow. Yes, this is a new thing.


The announcement is scheduled for 3 PM EST, i.e. 9 PM CET. Here’s a countdown timer for people living in different time zones. Or just click the ‘Remind Me’ button on the Twitch Web site (but you’ll need a Twitch account for that).

The clock is such a good idea, I’d request it should be implemented on the IFcomp front page for

1 submitting intents to enter
2 submitting works
3 submitting final votes

(Also, I don’t care if they are so 1999. I still find countdown timers really cool. Simple pleasures, I guess.)