IFComp 2018 review blog

I’m unfortunately too busy with real-life stuff this year to enter anything in IFComp 2018, but I had a great time last year and wanted to participate at least in some part again this year. To that end, I’ve decided to review all 77(!) games in the competition at my blog, IFComprehensive. I remember scouring the Internet for reviews of my own game every couple of hours during the last competition, and I thought this might be interesting or useful to someone. I also wanted to preemptively congratulate all the authors, since having the skill and dedication to finish up a full game of any sort is impressive.

(Aside from publicizing the blog, my secret reason in posting here is to force myself to actually finishing reviewing all the damn things, for fear of being publicly shamed. That’s a lot of games to play in just one month.)

Best of luck with that! I’ll check in once I’ve sampled more of the Comp myself.

Technically, you have a month and a half… The judging deadline is Nov 15.

Ah, thanks. That does make it a bit easier.