IFComp 2017 Titles review.

This is just a joke, eventually, but given as people reviewed blurbs, cover images and other stuff, I’d like to review the titles of the games I played.

1958: Dancing With Fear
The game was very good, the title is: meh. It is in the scope of the era, so probably best fitting the mood. But it gives me no resonation.

8 Shoes on the Shelves
Awesome title. Made me think of a horror novella about kids playing with something they shouldn’t have been playing with. Unfortunately, then I played the game and still have to find correspondence. I will evaluate the title only, so:

Absence of Law
I thought it was a Police story. Fortunately it was way better. Still, average title. No resonation.

Exactly like the game.

A Beauty Cold and Austere
This is of course the winner. One of the best titles ever. For how it sounds, and for the reason behind it. Literature.

Eat Me
That’s what my wife once used to say to me. Now we are walking on much quieter paths. No resonation.

The period at the end of the title makes it a masterpiece. Hollywood blockbuster horror with a nuance of European taste. Too straightforward to be perfect, tho.

Haunted P
Better than the game.

Measureless to Man
Awesome title. I expect a Sci-fi trip, I ended up with half a game. Still, a superb title.

The Owl Consults
Comic books. I lived in comic books. Feck, I still live in comic books.

Dunno, honestly. Too much research for a title. I didn’t do the research. Sounds a bit off, but I’m no native speaker.

A Walk In The Park
Pointless. Made me think of Iron Maiden. “I am a man who walks alone.”

Will Not Let Me Go
I guess I’m too much pleased by the story to actually be fair, but this title is of the same craft of the game. Makes me cry. Need to remove one point to elect a winner. But it’s a Ten.

Word of the Day
The name of the ship. I don’t understand why a spaceship needs to have such a non-brilliant name. It’s something different, ok… but i don’t care. Until I read the author’s name I thought it was another puzzle by Andrew S. Didn’t impress me.

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