IFComp 2017 General Discussion

Please discuss general Comp topics here.

So are judge-review threads a no-no this year? I was going to do some brief reviews and contain them within one thread but it seems like maybe the individual game threads are replacing that?

People can do either one. Make their own review/discussion threads here, or use individual threads for the games in the other forum. Last year players expressed preferences for both options. By having two forums, hopefully the two types of threads will have more room and won’t bury each other.

It would be very cool if reviewers could cross-reference a review post with a link in the appropriate game thread, but that might be more work than is necessary.

But there’s no harm in someone else linking it, right? It would also be nice if someone added external review links too (so if someone sees a review to another’s game, they could post the link). Right?

Sounds fine to me, and I’d imagine it’s okay for authors to post links to their own reviews.

Are there any good troll entries this year? I still remember Toiletworld fondly :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Oh, I think I found one.

Sobol: “Run of the Place”?

Haven’t seen it yet.

Haunted P is obvious trolling; The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now is a bit more subtle.