IFComp 2016 official survey

On Friday, the ifcomp blog announced a survey about The 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition. Some questions offer multiple choices. There are also open-ended questions where you may write what you like. Did anything this year delight or disappoint you? There is an opportunity to comment about the new rule 4. You can sign your survey or participate anonymously.

Thank you for the post, H. Zombie!

I do invite everyone who entered or played IFComp games to take the short survey, which is as described above. All answers will go directly towards improving future IFComps.

docs.google.com/a/appleseed-sc. … w/viewform

Jmac has published a summary of the results of the survey considering how it applies to IF Comp in the future.

blog.iftechfoundation.org/2017-0 … -2017.html

Here are some of Jmac’s points:

  • The policy lifting the ban on public author commentary will be continued in 2017.
  • People wish that judges could optionally leave some anonymous free-text feedback to entrants alongside their ratings.
  • Respondents would like to see a stronger link between the IFComp materials hosted on ifcomp.org and all the reviews, playthroughs, and other player-created material.
  • I hope to make 2017 the year of the review, for IFComp.

New for 2017: Anonymous feedback

On Wednesday, the IF Comp blog announced that, in 2017, judges will be able to leave anonymous feedback for games. On your judge’s ballot each game will have a feedback hyperlink to a page where you can write comments for that game. Comments for each game can be updated until the end of the judging period, November 15th. The competition organisers will monitor feedback for uncivil comments or abuse.