IFComp 2015 results are up

The 21st Annual Interactive Fiction Competition has ended! Congratulations to Steph Cherrywell for “Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!”, the first-place finisher among dozens of great interactive fiction works. Multiple critics have called this year the best year since the competition began in 1995, in terms of overall quality of entries, and I choose not to disagree.

The full results, with permanent IFDB links and voting statistics, are now on the IFComp website: ifcomp.org/comp/2015

We saw over 200 judges cast valid ballots this year (containing five or more ratings each), and I do believe that is a new record for the competition.

Warmest thanks to all authors, judges, reviewers, prize donors, and every other class of comp participant for making this year so remarkable. We have published a lot of great new short IF this fall, we have.

Congrats to everyone of the 50+ entrants and, of course, thank you to jmac for such a great work!

Yeah, thanks, jmac! And congratulations, everybody!

Yeah thanks so much jmac you are a superhero.