IFComp 2013: Updates as of 10/17

The following games have been updated:

  • Coloratura
  • Mazredugin
  • Dream Pieces
  • Paper Bag Princess
  • Threediopolis

In addition, Final Girl has an updated strategy guide.

Is “Show changelog” working for anyone else? For me, it just takes me to the top of the page…

It’s super hard to identify and find updated versions of games until you decide to look on the Vote page. There’s no indication that that’s where you should go, and it’s more likely you’ll follow one of the other links first. There’s no indication as to whether the zip file contains updated games.

I suggest the site design (the info, communications and links) are significantly overhauled next year to help with the updates situation, and maybe some clarifying messages are put on the front page of this year’s site for now. I have to add these observations to my other major complaints of 1 year and 3 years duration respectively: that the feelies.zips are pointless or misleading, and that authors’ cover art files should never be allowed to be handled by a script which can delete them, and which is doing so in 99% of cases.


Furthermore, it’s rather confusing to have these three pages be substantially the same:

And just personally, I think the two column layout is more confusing than it should be. Perhaps a one column layer with the links on the right of each description would be more useable.

If you’d like any help at all for it, just ask! [emote]:)[/emote] (That said I need to focus on SPAG instead… hides)

How late will you be accepting articles?

(Oh yes, and “is there a theme?”)

I’m always accepting articles, and if they don’t fit one issue they can go in a future one. I have the articles for Issue 62 so that’s not a current problem - finding the time and energy to edit them is. :confused:

Thanks for the suggestions. Wade, can you elaborate on what you’re talking about with the script that’s deleting cover files?