IFComp 2013! It is happening! It has a web page!

The 2013 IF Competition is now open for business at ifcomp.org/

Write games! Donate prizes! Spread the word! Use up all the exclamation points so I am forced to make plain declarative sentences!

Awesomystical! [emote]:lol:[/emote]

Is the rule allowing updates to games during the comp still in effect? I’m guessing it will be, but just thought I’d check.

Good question. It isn’t mentioned in the author rules…

Also, WOOT IFComp! [emote]:D[/emote]

The IFComp and I have unfinished business…

It is.

Question - we have to declare intent to enter…does that mean we have to list the games before Sept 1, or is that how we submit them?

You have to list your games on the web site before Sept 1.

If that’s the case, it’s not very clear. The schedule page only says

“September 1: Authors must have signed up with the IF Comp database by this date.”

Wow. I was hoping it was just sign up. I have several projects and hadn’t decided which to focus on completing.

I’m always amazed by how productive some people can be. The space between the signing up and having a finished game is just four weeks! If I were making a game for the comp, I’d probably have to start the final round of beta testing before that in order to meet the deadline. (I really should increase my productivity when it comes to game making.)

The IFComp is 19 yo. People make their games during the year. Sometimes it takes longer [emote]:)[/emote]

You’re allowed to enter up to three games, so you could submit intents to enter for three projects and then withdraw two of them after you figure out which to focus on.

I’m almost certain that you only have to sign up as an author by September 1st, and can enter the game details at any time before September 28th. Could we get this clarified by the Comp organizers?

These are games I’ve had in various stages of completion forever. I went ahead and put in three just to hold space, but I will likely delete one or two depending on how September goes!

I tend to work more efficiently (desperately?) under pressure. I wrote an entire five-room game from conception to completion in one week when I decided on a whim to enter the AIF comp.

Leave time for beta testing!