IFComp 2013 - 1-day Game Challenge

Alright folks, here’s the challenge:

It is Saturday, September 28th 2013. You have less than 24 hours left to write a more or less enjoyable (!) CYOA/MCA text adventure and upload it on ifcomp.org before the deadline hits!

The conditions:

A. You have free time today and you can sit in front of your computer and code and write until your fingers bleed out.
B. You are an experienced programmer, so programming is not an issue. If you have an idea then you can transform it into code immediately. So you really don’t waste time for programming.
C. You have a “creative burnout” (or however you call a mental condition like this). In other words, you have no idea for a game, no plot, no story.
D. You have written down some notes and ideas, but nothing seems to come together or make any sense.

What do you gonna do? (Except clicking “Withdraw from the competition”)

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How much alcohol is in the fridge?

I don’t know if I should drink alcohol when designing games. I need a clear head for that.

There is enough coke and pepsi in my fridge to keep me awake. Not to mention that I drink lots of coffee too.

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