IFComp 2011 - 'The Guardian' feelies in archive


There are some feelies for The Guardian including an instruction book, walkthrough, and opening and closing music that were missing from the Play Online version of the game which appeared this morning. The manual is in a pdf format and has some introductory material as well as a brief essay on how to play which might provide help to a beginner trying he game.

(If anyone needs the text of the manual, please contact me here or at my email address, luteinhawthorne at gmail dot com and I can send you a text file of it.

Also, it’s not really stated in the game or instruction book included in the directory, but the two music files are for listening to at the beginning of the game (the “opening” ideally in an underground, dimly lit location) and after finishing the quest.

If you might be hard of hearing or do not care to listen to music, here is a summary in text of what the music is like:

The opening music is a melancholy rondo with trumpets and xylophone, and the closing music isa much elaborated variation of the primary theme, which is then repeated. A string quartet is introduced, leading to a sombre but calm conclusion.

EDIT: The files are also here -> ifarchive.org/if-archive/gam … /guardian/

If you have already read the instruction book, The Guardian can be played here:


(Without reading it the game will not be as intended due to information and setting which is in that document.)

I did some recording of your music. I hope you like it.

Opening Theme
Closing Theme

The trumpet is me playing, but the rest is synth sounds.

P.S. Whatever software you used to create the midi files seems a bit crazy.

Thank you very much!

I really like your recording. (And if you have any recommendations for better MIDI recording software, I’m all fingers, or eyes. What I have to work with isn’t very user-friendly.)

Do you know if it would be possible to include your version of the themes in the feelies for the game? (I think it’s much superior to the one which I put together, and definitely captures the kind of feeling i was aiming for.)

(My apologies for being so scarce, I have been inexcusably distracted for the last many months.)


I’m glad you like it! You’re certainly welcome to include the recordings in your feelies, as long as you credit me (Rikard Peterson) with the trumpet playing.

Regarding midi-software, I don’t know what kind of program you’re looking for, but one new and very impressive (it works very differently to everything else out there) music notation program is Score Cleaner.