IFComp 2011 - Kerkerkruip files note

In the initial zip file offered for download on the IF Comp website, the Kerkerkruip directory contains three files which were generated by the competition organisers playing the game: KerkerkruipData, KerkerkruipAchievements and KerkerkruipSaves. Please delete these three files before you start playing! Otherwise the game will start in hard mode.

(As a tester for the game, I can guarantee you that you don’t want it starting in hard mode.)

I would like to see the games rebundled. Not everyone’s going to come to this forum and that’s 2 games negatively affected.

I think that’s reasonable – have you asked Stephen Granade to do it?

I said something last night Australian time, but I assume he’s asleep now, or perhaps being struck by the first rays of the day [emote]:)[/emote] - okay, I just sent a note asking for the games to be rezipped, also mentioning the issue with Kerk’s files.

Or being mugged by his kids. [emote]:D[/emote]

[Also, didn’t you send it tomorrow night Australian time? Or have I got that backwards?]

This (and the problem with the Six data files) has been fixed in the competition .zip and .exe files and on the archive, and has been mentioned in the competition news feed. Sorry for the mistake.