IFComp 2009: Node-X distribution (Win32, Linux), FAQ


I wondered if there’s a section in the comp under which I can submit my own platform-independent games for my interpreter, so I don’t have to include the interpreter each time.

This question is relevant, because the latest version of the Node-X interpreter is not Windows-only anymore. Node-X now also comes with a *nix executable, so Linux users don’t have to run my interpreter in Wine or other Win32-emulators. Windows-Users can run the EXE as usual. Both, the Win32 and Linux versions are the same program, but for different systems. You got it.

If I take part in this year’s comp, how should I submit my Node-X games?

Possible ways I can think of:

pack the interpreter’s Win32 and Linux executables in a zip-file, add the gamefile itself (name.nx1) and submit/upload everything to the “Windows Games” section of the IFComp (could be confusing, because it’s not Windows-only)

pack only the gamefile (name.nx1) in a zip, submit it to the IFComp in “other games” or whatever section (which one?) and add a readme-file with info where players/judges can download the interpreter for their individual system (either Win32, Linux or MacOSX executable) to be able to run the gamefile (this way seems reasonable to me)

Which way should it be?

Please note that the Node-X interpreter is a standalone application (such as Z-Code and Glulx interpreters, for example) which will be released before the competition for people to run Node-X gamefiles released by me or other authors in the future. It will not include any new competition games, thus IFComp rule (“submitted entries are not allowed to be released before the comp”) is preserved.


Alright, folks. I’ve recently uploaded my game entry to the IFComp 2009.
Games are being processed currently on the IFComp site and released very soon…

Before I go silent in public concerning my game entry I finally want to give you
the latest packed sizes of both NXI executables which you’ll encounter in my
IFComp entry: (unpacked sizes are listed for curiosity only)

NXI.EXE | Packed: 113 k (116.224) | Unpacked: 317 k (324.956) NXI-LINUX | Packed: 174 k (178.792) | Unpacked: 612 k (627.020)

Last but not least, I would like to point you to my new Node-X Forum:

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tutorials and other things.
Please do not discuss my game there. The forum is intended for
interpreter-related discussion only, at least during the judging period.

Ok, that’s it so far.

See you in the IFComp Author’s club or in the Node-X forum if you like… [emote]:)[/emote]