IFComp 2007?

So… everybody gearing up for IFComp 2007?

Who here’s planning to enter? Looks like it’ll be an off year for me, but hopefully I’ll have time to play, vote, and review them all. I hope.

I’m still thinking in terms of IntroComp and Scott Adams’ Ghost Town Redux… But looking forward to playing the IF Comp games too. I voted in '04, but not the last two years. It would be fun to do it again in '07.


I’ll be entering. Just need to get the minor problem of not having a game ready out of the way and I’ll be all set.

I didn’t get around to playing your 2006 entry, although I had intended to. Good luck this year!!

Due to a nasty dose of real life, my game will not be ready this year. I guess the world can wait a little longer for another game from me. I’m looking forward to playing the entries though. Hopefully it will be another good year for ADRIFT in the comp.

I’ve been thinking about starting some pre-IFComp discussions here. Maybe a thread for beta-testing, maybe some tips/hints/advice (or I could re-surface the post from last year), or something. I could probably find some time to offer some beta testing myself.

The hype level seems really low this year. Not much talk in the newsgroups about IFComp, very few prize donations so far, no news elsewhere… and it’s almost too late for would-be participants to sign up.

I never even saw a thread on RAIF announcing the IFComp this year. Then again, I don’t check it every day so it’s possible it was there and I simply missed it, but isn’t there usually a bigger fuss kicked up over it than this? I’m sure last year there was quite a healthy debate going on before the Comp had even started.

I usually do keep up with the newsgroups, and I don’t remember an announcement either. It’s probably a big buzz on the IF-MUD, which I’ve kinda been absent from lately.

Sargent drops by here from time to time. Maybe he’s got more info. It’s definitely on. The site is up and everything is there. And there may have been a newsgroup announcement I just missed.

Yeah, I don’t think there was an announcement in RAIF this year.

I did see a $500 US prize on the 2007 prize list though. That’s bigger than anything in 2006.

There was a $500 prize the prior couple of years, though (probably from the same donor). I’m thinking about something I might donate. The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, maybe. Or Grim Fandango (although I’m kinda in the middle of playing it myself). Or a gift certicate. Or something. Don’t know.

To all – if you’re entering a game but haven’t yet signed up (at ifcomp.org), I think the deadline is September 1st.