IFComp 2006

Apparently there have been 118 intents to enter the IFComp this year, so if the average of about a third of those actually making it holds true there ought to be around 40 games in the Comp this time around.

I always have a blast playing the IFComp games, but I’m also going to be really busy at my job these next few months. That always leaves me kind of drained. If there are 40 games, I’ll be lucky to get through them all.

In case anybody missed it, the September 30th (Saturday) deadline is now September 29th (Friday). Anybody hoping to finish and polish their game while off work a whole day before the deadline will have to make other plans…

I admire the bravery (for bravery read foolishess) of anyone who finishes their game off the day of the deadline. [emote]Smile[/emote]

(Ignoring, of course, that I did just this in 2003…)

For the years I entered, I’ve worked on every game I’ve ever submitted up to the final minutes, and I never ranked lower than 12th. The important thing is probably to be done before then, allowing those last couple of days just to reaffirm that everything works as intended. [emote]:)[/emote]

Thanks, Merk, for rebroadcasting the announcement here.

No problem!

Does this mean all the games will come out a day sooner? [emote]Smile[/emote]

Quite possibly, yes, though I make no promises.

I still have the IFComp '05 file mirror up. If you need somebody with bandwidth to spare as a mirror for '06, just let me know. After the games are released, I can get it set up.

You’re hired. Would you also be willing to help seed the games through bittorrent?

Is seeding different from sharing p2p? I admit an ignorance when it comes to that. If this is a server-side thing and it’ll work on Linux (Fedora Core 3), then certainly! If I need to get a service installed ahead of time, I’ll check into it. Otherwise, if you just mean staying online (client-side), I can do that too.

Seeding with bittorrent means being connected when you have the whole file. (Ordinary downloaders become seeders once the download finishes.)

I’d definitely want to set up a client on the server. I leave my home computer online all the time, but the server would have way more bandwidth and far faster speeds. [emote]Smile[/emote] I peeked at the Wikipedia article. Looks like I can install something for Linux. I’ll just have to find the right repos (assuming a YUM install) or an FC3 RPM. I’ll try to get it ready before the games are released.