IFComp 2006 Intents

I’m sure everybody already knows, but if you intend to submit a game to this year’s IFComp, you have to sign up at the website (http://www.ifcomp.org) by September 1st - a mere 12 days away.

I’ve been signed up a while now.

I’ve signed up already, hopefully my game will be ready by the deadline…actually I need to get it done sooner so I can get it beta-tested.

You certainly like deadlines, don’t you? My game was finished a while back and has been going through testing for the past few weeks. It’s frightening the amount of bugs people have come across in a game that I was convinced might have a few typos in it but would be “bug free”. [emote]Sad[/emote]

Well considering I started writing it seriously around August 1st, I didn’t have all the time in the world to get started. And I’m also learning I7 as I go. So a few days of serious work will get me finished, I’m almost done.

Just hope that the beta-testers don’t come up with anything that takes me 2 weeks to fix.

Toward the end of September, I might have a spare day or two to beta-test IFComp games. No promises. The last game I tested was Nothing But Mazes (Greg Boettcher, for the IntroComp), and I feel like I let him down by only making it through one play-through. I usually try to be a lot more thorough, and a lot more… er… experimental when it comes to really prodding at things. I’m not the ideal person to try out a real-life test run, but I’m pretty good finding the technical flaws.

Whoa, don’t feel that way. Sure, some of my testers spent more time playing than you did, but then I had a lot of testers. In retrospect I may have had more testers than I needed for just an intro. If the final game had anything wrong with it, it wasn’t for lack of enough feedback from testers.


I wonder how many are signed up this year? I also wonder if, after all these years, there is any ratio of “number of intents” to “actual games in comp” that holds true?

Didn’t someone somewhere (might have been on RAIF) say that the ratio of actual entries to intents was about a third?

Anyway, best of luck to everyone who enters!

Maybe. It seems like last year, it wasn’t even that high. If I recall correctly, there was something like 120 intents, and just 36 games entered. Oh wait. That’s roughly 1/3rd. Nevermind.

If as many people entered as intended to, they’d have to significantly extend the voting period.

I really wanted to enter. Then around Aug. 30th I had to stop kidding myself. Sadly, writing IF is one of those things that always winds up shoved to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list, and with the new semester starting on top of everything else there was no way I would have finished it on time.

So now it’s time to try and get serious about the Adrift End of the Year comp and the Spring Thing and hope I actually manage to finish on time.

I know what you mean. During the summer, I really hoped to get the second Convergence Saga game done for the comp, but I gave up weeks ago. It would probably be a little too big for the IFComp anyway. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get back to it. Writing short games for the commercial project could make it more difficult, though.