IFBeginnersComp & the Interactive Short Fiction Competition

In case anyone missed the announcement on rec.arts.int-fiction …

There are two competitions for “IF games suitable for beginners” being run in parallel right now; the same game may be entered in both contests. The deadline for both is February 15th, 2008.

– The Interactive Short Fiction Competition is more restrictive. Games must be in Inform 7 or TADS 3, the source code must be included, and games must not become unwinnable (including by dying). There is a prize of $50 for first place, as judged by the organiser. For the full set of rules, see:

mark.engelberg.googlepages.com/i … ompetition

– The IFBeginnersComp allows games in any language without the source code being required, and allows games to become unwinnable as long as the game then ends immediately (so players can “undo” and continue playing). The full rules are here:


As an experiment, public discussion will be permitted for this comp during the judging period (February 15th to March 15th 2008).

David Fisher