If you were a character in Zork, who would you be?


I like to think I’d either be one of the more ridiculous Flatheads, or one of the more ridiculous wizards.

But anything’s better than being one of the Yipples of Borphee, I figure.

I am a character in Zork every time I play it. That’s the whole point of most IF. Certainly all AFGANCAAP games.

Mind you, there’s a game out there you may not know about exploring Zork through the POV of the Troll…

Should be fun playing the Cyclops, too. About as fun as playing the Troll.

I’m Jizaboz :sunglasses:

I’m not :frowning: Am I missing out on something? :cry:

I had to google this, and Google was all like Did you mean: AFGNCAAP and I’m all like “WTF Google I have no idea, that’s why I asked you!”

Beautiful. :slight_smile: But I have unfortunately mistyped it, which is why you didn’t find anything. There was an “A” too many.

Here’s the explanation, from the Wikipedia section of Plot of Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

I prefer the term Featureless Undeveloped Character (Kinda), which makes for a shorter and more elegant acronym and one which is less susceptible of misspelling. AFGNCAAP sounds like the type of headgear worn by President Karzai.

Robert Rothman

I have to admit Zork Zero may not have been a favorite, but it would’ve been fun to be the Jester.

The Eldritch Vapor or Cruel Puppet from Beyond Zork would’ve been fun, too. Up until the AFGNCAAP killed them, of course. But that’s the risk of being an NPC.

Other possibilities to consider:

The bat
The unicorn
The dragon

Robert Rothman

Not really :neutral_face: