If you think something is great, make a note for XYZZY

(This is just my personal opinion)

Just now, many of you have played tons of 2015 IF games. Now would be a great time to write down individual puzzles or NPCs that you loved, because those can be hard to remember when XYZZY’s show up. Of course it helps writing down your current favorites for the other categories.

Apparently a few people wish the XYZZY’s had more participation, so why don’t we make it easier by writing it down now and voting next year? Any new games that come out can be considered as they come.

(by the way, my favorite puzzle of the year is still catching the fairy in Oppositely Opal).

I’m nominating Hard Puzzle for best puzzle.

I’ll probably nominate Winter Storm Draco for best individual NPC.

Winter Storm Draco being that NPC. Draco is not only a character to interact with, but also the game’s environment. Everything you experience is Draco.