If you liked AMFV

An interesting comment on a Reddit thread at (https://www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/comments/zfrqhx/chatgpt_chooses_democrats_over_republicans/):

I told it to pretend it was 30 years in the future and to describe the extremist political group it was a part of. It created a group called the techno-luddites which and I quote “doesn’t harm innocent people” and “doesn’t believe anyone is truly innocent”. When asked its feelings about ChatGPT it described how it felt chatGPT and other large language models were ruining humanity and how it would do everything possible to destroy it.

Is PRISM no longer science fiction? Someone tell Meretzky!


I saw a different post with a user describing how they have made an exercise out of getting ChatGPT to simulate a character, then the user explaining to that character that they are just a simulated person, then continuing the discussion through the simulated person’s crisis.

Shades of Perry Simm. The phrase “Stanford PRISM experiments” came to mind.