If you are an IFComp Participant for 2021

If you are an entrant to IFComp 2021, you may request group access to the private authors-only forum to discuss your games with other entrants behind the scenes.

If you furnished your Forum username with your entry, you may already be added. If not, you can request access by clicking “groups” from the hamburger menu. Navigate to the IFComp 2021 Authors group and click the “Request” button. The request will ask you for your game title, Author name, and your registered IFComp email. Please allow some time for this to be manually verified, then you will be added to the group.

If you’ve never been a participant, your forum Title will default to “IFComp 2021 Participant”. If you’d like to remove this, or need to update your title from a previous Comp, you can change it under your profile > Preferences > Account and selecting any title you have access to (or none) from the drop-down that appears under your name.


Thanks. Could you say when those who will get added automatically will know?

I am guessing that would include me, but I am not sure, and it will save you some effort if people in my situation wait until we know, so you only have to add the ones that need it.

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I have added all the users on the list Jacq provided so far. If you do not have access, go ahead and request it from the groups listing to be sure.

If you have a “request” button on the group, you’re not in it. Otherwise it will say “member” and there won’t be a request button.

I love hamburgers. Where can I click on the hamburger menu here? Not seeing it, but that may be either because of my general internet cluelessness or because my brains are addled from excitement over the Comp.

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Up on the right, triple stack.
Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 8.05.15 PM

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 8.07.07 PM

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