IF without rewinds

Hello everyone,

I’m new to writing IF anyway, and slowly working my way through online programs such as inklewriter to get some idea of how it’ll work. My major problem right now is that I don’t want any option to rewind during the story. You made a choice, you have to stick with it. Yet I haven’t found a way to implement this.

Could you help me? Do you know a way to do thison inklewriter, or do you know an online program which is able to do this?

Thanks for your help!

From what I recall, Inklewriter lets you move anywhere in the editor, but if you play the game from the website it generates, you cannot rewind. It’s been a long time so I may not remember this correctly.

Yeah…here’s my story online: writer.inklestudios.com/stories/5ggm
I see a “start again” link at the top (which is a restart) but as you go down the only time you have any chance to “rewind” is when the story dead ends (presumably at an ending.) In settings, there’s a “provide rewind points” tick box.