IF on a Kindle?

I’ve seen individual games available, and of course there are sites with IF playable online, but what I’m mainly interested in is a way to download and play games with my Kindle offline…is this at all possible?

Searching has netted me mostly talk about CYOAS, one or two vague mentions of Android apps that might or might not exist, but no details and no links.

I don’t think there’s an official app. I’ve seen various workarounds though, if you’re OK with rooting.

I know you’re looking for games, but Kindle can be difficult to write a game for.

I think Kindle can run an epub? Some IF tools will export to epub, but with very limited macro/link functionality.

I inferred that for Inkle to turn an Inklewriter story into a Kindle book there cannot be any repeating loops, and the compiler is actually turning the story into a hyperlinked web page with every possible permutation of the game decisions somehow as it’s own different copy of the story? That’s what they made it sound like.

Kindle only seems to display text linearly with some very simple hyperlinking. It can’t do any real variables or game logic. That’s not to say you can’t do a game on Kindle, it’s just not really the best tool for it.


Now that I think about it, I’ve seen a z-code interpreter on Kindle. From what I recall it was pretty experimental though.

Also just found this,

groups.google.com/forum/#!topic … 9hcr11_3Cc

I think that’s not official though.

There is some “Kindle Active Content” for sale, such as the The King of Shreds and Patches by Jimmy Maher. Active Content games like this can have complete VM interpreters. I think Textfyre may have some titles for Kindle too? But for unknown reasons Amazon refuse to sell Active Content to people outside the US.

As George said if you root your Kindle you can probably put an interpreter on it. I haven’t tried it with mine.

Choice based options are much easier and can be loaded onto a kindle directly.

The Kindle’s browser is a decently up to date Webkit browser. Theoretically it would be possible to make Parchment work off line with it. I would really like to do that some day, but haven’t got to it yet.

The Kindle Fires are Android tablets, so should support any other Android apps.

In Toronto, Jason Stevan Hill told me that Amazon had killed the Active Content development program. Some googling indicates that it’s not completely dead, but it’s not supported on the newer Kindles and they’re not accepting new apps.

Thanks, this was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Never actually been brave enough to jailbreak my Kindle but for this I’ll give it a go.

great for reading, but simply not a great device for interactivity

although many “IF” interactions are barely more than flipping pages anyway