IF in the "Riverworld" universe?

Do anyone know if there is any IF out there that is located in the “Riverworld” universe? I would very much like to play such a game…

(Riverworld is the setting for a number of sci-fi novels and short stories by Philip José Farmer. I you havn’t read them I highly recommend them, especially the first two: To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.)

Interesting question. I don’t remember seeing such a thing.

It seems like the kind of SF series which would have been adapted as a graphical adventure in the 90s. (Like Dune, Rama, Gateway…) And indeed it was. By Cryo, a major European adventure game publisher. But it looks like more of a 4X game than a narrative or adventure game.

Ah, Cryo! When I think of Cryo, I immediately think of this review:



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