IF in the classroom... recommendations?

After playing Carl Muckenhoupt’s The Gostak, I got involved in a discussion in IRC about language, meaning, context, and the relationships between them. That it was after playing The Gostak was, honestly, no accident; I’m almost Douglas-Hofstadter-esque when it comes to thinking about thought and about my own thought processes.

One of the people in the discussion piled Linguistics higher and deeper, and now teaches various courses in it. However, she’s not experienced with IF. I’d like to point her to a very basic game, one in which she can focus on the process of playing IF, not on the game itself and its goals. Ideally, this would be a game that she could then use to familiarize students with IF in some of her classes, and then send them to The Gostak specifically for getting the students to think about some of the relationships I mentioned above.

Can anyone point me to a game that would fit the need?

The most obvious choice would probably be Lost Pig; it’s a well-loved and very orthodox game, fun and light, extremely robustly coded, mildly puzzly but not difficult, and incapable of giving offence.