IF in song

Since I mentioned it at Narrascope over the weekend, I thought I’d post a link to the song I wrote about Cragne Manor:


And I was wondering if there’s other filk out there about IF games. I know there’s more Cragne filk, because we did the Bohemian Rhapsody thread on the Slack and someone posted a Twelve Days of Christmas parody. Any others?


Does “You are likely to be eaten by a Grue” count?


There’s “It is Pitch Dark” by MC Frontalot. [EDIT: which is the song Cooper just linked!]

Now you’ve inspired me to go searching again. I hope it’s still on the Slack!

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It is!


Gosh, I forgot about Twelve Days of Christmas, and that was me.

Jeesh, attention-span.

What was I saying?

It looks like Vermontian Rhapsody got bumped from the Slack? Didn’t someone save it?

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The screenshots are still up! It’s under “naomian rhapsody.” I also resaved the screenshots for archival purposes, I think, though if anyone else wants to also do that it’s probably a good idea.

(I’m not comfortable posting them outside the Slack because I figure the contributors had a reasonable expectation of privacy.)


Thanks. I heard you singing bits of this yesterday, but I was in another conversation.

At the end of NarraScope, I went a little filky on the closing singalong…

Oh, the trolls were bad but the grues were worse
Leave her, Johnny, leave her
They’ll gulp you down in the dark with a curse
And it’s time for us to leave her.


Let us not forget that the death scene in Planetfall quotes a song which is the entire plot of Starcross.

O, they ruled the solar system
Near ten thousand years before
'Til one brave advent’rous spirit
Brought that mighty ship to shore.


There’s “Go West”


[Toungue-in-cheek] “Stand” by R.E.M.


I couldn’t find “West of House” but this is pretty close. (Inspired by @cstevens’ post)

I am not sure if this counts as filk, but I paid good money for it, so I am certainly going to post it!


How about this: The 1987 game Dodgy Geezers, released by Melbourne House for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and BBC Micro / Electron. The B-side of the cassette featured a theme song written and performed by the authors Trevor Lever and Peter Jones. According to the packaging, the song supposedly contained hints for solving the game.

The Lyrics are below:

George is down the building site looking for a steady job
Tricks has lost his licence because he drives like a bit of a yob
Crackers on the rampage, he’s got to take the matter in hand
And Soapy’s in the nightclub drinking lagers and getting canned
(well he would do wouldn’t he?)


Dodgy Geezers, they’re only nice lads at heart
Dodgy Geezers, they like a pint and a game of darts
(don’t we all John, bloody right)

Well now I look at Mr Video and Spice Wick is his favourite game
Whereas Tweedle is a betting man, he’s got quite a name
Little Ken is a gentleman, and he’s very fond of cats
Gary is the bloke, if you want to get your tit for tat


Dodgy Geezers, they’re only nice lads at heart
Dodgy Geezers, they like a pint and a game of darts

Working in a factory, oh what a boring job
But on a proper little caper you get more than a couple of bob
So take a tip from your Mum and Dad, and that’s what really
Don’t take a Dodgy Geezer’s cheque cos it’s sure to bounce


Dodgy Geezers, they’re only nice lads at heart
Dodgy Geezers, they like a pint and a game of darts
(I think I’m going home, I’ve had enough of this caper)


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Someone called Tony Longworth made a whole instrumental album inspired by the works of Infocom.

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This one is actual filk. Here’s a song whose lyrics are just the walkthrough for Zork:

It’s actually pretty good!


It looks like Tony Longworth had previously done some of the soundtrack to GET LAMP.

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So “Pac Man Fever” except for IF!

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Huh. Cool. It’s like ambient, new-agey instrumental stuff. Listening to it, I can totally imagine it being great background music for when you’re playing IF.