IF in Mythaxis Magazine

Mythaxis Magazine http://mythaxis.co.uk is a long-standing Fantasy and Science Fiction e-zine.

In the February 2016 issue, we published ICEWEB http://www.mythaxis.co.uk/icewebv17.htm, a piece of IF, cyberpunk in theme. Built with Inform 7, and running on Partchment.

This met with some approval from readers, and we’d like to throw open an opportunity for others to showcase their games in our August issue.

So, if you have a game with a fantasy or sf theme, that will run in Parchment, and you’d like to see it ‘in print’, please submit it to me (see http://mythaxis.co.uk/submission.htm) for consideration. Submission does not guarantee publication. Copyright in the work remains with the author. Mythaxis is a free, non-profit publication and does not make any money from advertising or promotion</Legal small print>

We do not pay for items in the e-zine, but all successful authors can claim a modest book prize.

By the way, most i-f fans are also keen readers and often writers. If you have a piece of short fiction, try submitting it to us.

The same offer applies for the upcoming February 2019 edition of Mythaxis.