IF Gathering at NoShowConf, July 14-15

The summer is looming close in our rear-view mirror, like a surly tractor-trailer which is confused about the direction of its temporal metaphor. Accordingly, I am calling IF fans to get together in Boston this July at (or near):

“NoShowConf, a two-day conference about how we make games and why we make them”
noshowconf.com/ – July 14-15 at MIT

The speaker list just went up, and includes such familiar names as Deirdra Kiai, Jim Munroe, and Clara Fernández-Vara. The rest of us Boston IF folks will be hanging around too.

The schedule (noshowconf.com/program/no-show-conference-2012/) has some sessions which are relevant to the IF world, and some which aren’t so much. I don’t intend to run any IF-specific events outside the schedule – it’s not a big enough gathering for that kind of split – but we gather to talk, and IF projects are welcome in the Demo Hall.

(I may sneak in my Adventure Game Lightning Trivia event on Saturday evening, unofficially.)

I realize this a shift in focus from our previous PAX IF events, but those were experimental too, so I’m not afraid of trying this. :slight_smile:

Reminder: the all-talks-and-everything pass to NoShowConf goes up in price at the end of May, from $165 to $300.

The hang-out-and-browse-the-Demo-Hall pass remains $22. (Which I think is lower tham was originally posted?)

In association with this (but you don’t need to register to get in): Jim Munroe is presenting his movie Ghosts with Shit Jobs on July 14th, at MIT. 8 pm, I believe.

I’m attending. I’m not sure when exactly (i.e. I don’t know if I’m leaving Friday night or Saturday morning), but I’ve got a pass.