IF game in messenger

Hi, I’m newbie in IF games.

But what do you think about such games in messengers?

I’ve done prototype in telegram messenger telegram.me/SuperGameBot (The Monkey’s Paw).

Would you like to play it, if you already have installed messenger?

P.S. sorry for my english (not native speaker), searching for story writer.

Forgive me if I don’t understand it fully, but does it have to be done in real-time? O: (i.e. do you have to be behind the screen every time someone plays the game or…)

It looks like it’s a bot at the other end, so the texting is a roundabout way to communicate with a traditional parser.

Is a Telegram Bot telegram.org/blog/bot-revolution

Oh! I see.

Is there a parser? Or is it choice-based?


I tried a system called Massively which mimics a parser using word recognition. The player can type anything in response.

Is there a public link or is a private system?

Wow, sorry, it is hard to find.

Thank you, I will try it.

Update: it was fun, is like a chat bot authoring tool with marketing and customer support in mind.

I liked it too. I just couldn’t figure out a game for it that wasn’t that Apple Watch one.

Yes, it’s choice-based bot.
Do you think messenger is a good platform for choice-based IF games? Or Massively kind is better?

Massively felt like the creators hadn’t really put a lot of effort into making their platform easy to use - I couldn’t get the hang of it, but it seems like it could be interesting.

This is an incidental point, but Telegram might not appeal to casual players, or people who don’t want to put their phone number on an unknown platform for whatever reason…

I think this is a valid point, but I don’t really know if the Telegram bots have access to the phone numbers of the clients, they probably have.