"if" condition with two or more objects

Hi there,

I am using Inform 7 and I can do some simple things using “if” clauses. One thing I haven’t figured out how to do, though, is use “if” and include (or exclude) two or more things.

For example, what is the right syntax for Inform to understand “if the noun is neither a door nor a container…” or “if the noun is a door or a container…”?


There are two ways. Usually one just writes the conditions out longhand: “if the noun is not a door and the noun is not a container”.

Or if the condition is complicated or you need it frequently, you might prefer to write a definition:

Definition: a thing is acceptable if it is not a door and it is not a container.

Then: “if the noun is acceptable”.

Long hand is fine; I was looking for the right syntax. But the definition solutionwill surely come in handy, too!

Thank you!