IF Comp website bugging out?

The IF Comp’s twitter account says that the deadline for voting is 11:59 Saturday, but when I tried to vote on an entry just now I couldn’t find the form. Also, there’s this which is basically a bunch of lorem ipsum. Can anyone find out what’s the matter?

I see the same thing. Perhaps a time zone bug in the software that closes the voting form? There should still be about 18 hours left.

Note that the deadline for voting is 15th November 11.59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, which may be a different time, or even a different date, in your local time zone. Here’s the date and time converted your (or any) time zone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20141115T2359&p1=179

Is there any way to get at the list of games at the moment? I was planning on playing a few more today, but with the broken website I can neither play nor vote.

You should email jmac - he won’t necessarily see this thread.

I guess the deadline is moved forward in response to this. The main page of the website now states: " just play and rate at least five games before December 12."

This is good - now I may be able to play them all!

And in zeroth place… et consequatur dolor! Better than first place, I wonder how Anthony Glacalone does it.

Seriously, the IFComp twitter feed has acknowledged the mistake but the deadline is still Nov 15:

Yes… sorry everyone, another quality off-by-one error by yours truly, regarding the all-new competition software. Pretty much every phase-transition has been hit by this this year, and I tend to go to bed around midnight, which spells eight hours of confusion until I wake up to a phoneful of notifications. Something similar happened six weeks ago.

Thanks to all who alerted me to the problem. The deadline is still 11:59 PM Eastern time tonight, November 15. I plan to stay up tonight to make sure it doesn’t break again.