IF Comp site: Why is rating on a separate page?

I realise that this is really unimportant, but it irks me every year. Why isn’t it possible to rate games right on the IF Comp games page? Why do I need to find the game I want to rate on a separate page?

It just seems inconvenient to me. Sorry if this has been answered already.


I could have sworn this had come up before, but I can’t find the issue on github for it.

The historical reason is that we had a page with “a list of the games in a comp” and a separate ballot page for voting. The former would stick around after voting completed, while the ballot page is only active during the vote period.

But there’s no technical reason why the list-of-games page can’t have voting controls show up during the voting period, in addition to having a separate ballot page. I’m reluctant to make that change while we’re in the current phase, but we can add it to the list for comp24


Thanks! That makes sense.

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You can mention any feedback you have about the competition in the post-comp survey sent out after the results have been announced. :slight_smile:

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That is true. In fact, I mentioned this very thing in the 2019 survey, and a way to vote from the games listing was indeed implemented in 2020. However, a bug prevented it from ever showing up in the interface.