IF comp Site Problems

I have some heavy problems with the if comp website:

a) Why can’t I use game links it without JavaScript?
b) Source code tells me that you transcript online plays without player’s permission. I can’t agree this NSA habitus and ask you concretely: do you transcribe scripts of web players without their agreement and offer the results to third parties?
c) Can I mail my voting? I can’t do any login to that stupid, stupid, stupid JS-only-website.
d) What’s your problem about historic votes? I don’t understand the deletion of hundreds of web referred links for all past comp results.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the IFComp.

a) I’m not sure what you’re asking? Certain parts of the website do require the use of JavaScript, yes, as modern web-based applications tend to do. If there’s some part of it that don’t work correctly for you, please let me know.

b) Play transcripts are visible only to the authors of the (Inform-based) games they are associated with, as well as to competition organizers. I have no contacts in the NSA. (That I know of…)

c) No, we decided to discontinue vote-by-email, given that (to the best of my knowledge) zero people used it last year. I found it logistically simpler just to have all voting go through one place. I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with the website. It has changed a lot since last year, and I can understand if not every change is to your liking. Again, if any part of it doesn’t work, do let me know.

d) I’m sorry you are unhappy with my decision, as I described in another thread, to put delay the display of the historical voting histograms until the current competition is over. It’s very clear that lots of people liked those histograms! I look forward to seeing them once again, myself.

Okay, I understand so much that you dont’t want a barrier-free site as a matter of principle. I can’t agree and for that I can’t vote because I can’t do any login and you refuse email votes. Sorry, have a nice IF and JS feeling without me.

Progressive enhancement (wikipedia)