IF Comp games are up!

It’s on!

Looks like 71 games by my count? So pretty similar to last year. I felt like I tested a bunch of games but they’re still a drop in the bucket in the flood of new stuff!

EDIT: the “download all games” text at the top of the entries page doesn’t link to a zip of all the games like it usually does, so far as I can see - is that working for anyone else? Could be that’s just taking a little while to finalize, though.


I have downloaded all the stuff and have found no issue. The total amount is “only” 335 MB.

I want to congrat, by the way, to all: participants, testers, player and of course organizers. Let’s play and enjoy this cool stuff. There are games created in a lot of authoring systems, for any gameplay lenght and a lot of themes.

Are anyone going to upload a review spreadsheet?

  • Jade.

I am sure that will all happen in time, the games have been up nearly an hour!

Usually the first half of the day is everybody tearing into the entries like Christmas presents so there’s usually a bit of delay and brief silence before discussion and spreadsheets start to happen.

In many years there have been release delays, so I’m happy we got the entries right off the bat, (especially since the organizers are in the earliest of US timezones!) instead of the first half of the day being people asking WHERE ARE THE GAEMS!

@Jacqueline did an amazing job this year getting everything organized. She even woke me up to make sure the author forum would be open and ready in time, and I’ve learned that weird sound I’ve not heard until today is a mobile Slack alert on my phone!

I and the cats were laying in bed this morning going what’s that weird sound? are we going to die? and the kitties are like HOOMAN THAT IZ THE U NEEDZ TO FEED US NAO ALERT SOUND. IT HAZ BEEN ALL OF SIX HOURZ SINCE LAST FUDZ DILIVERD. Y U MAKE KITTIEZ SUFFER SO?


especially since the organizers are in the earliest of US timezones!

Not anymore! Part of the reason that you saw a little bit less in the way of competition promotion and big changes this year is because I was busy moving. I finally decided to move about 4,835 miles so that I could be in the same time zone as @markm! I had other reasons as well, but yeah, us being in the same time zone did make for an easier launch this year. :joy:

ETA: Mark doesn’t get enough spotlight - but he’s a great dev/tech team lead and I absolutely could not do this without him. Thanks, Mark!


I stand corrected! I did not know you moved!


Yes. Jacqueline have been really busy. IF MUD is working but it isn’t the same without her presence.

And a question. Can someone rename the files for the games and the walkthroughs? It is a mess download all the staff and afterwards find many names as hints, walkthrough-1, walkthrough-2, walkthrough-3, ifcomp entrie, itchio entrie and so on.


So excited that the games are up! But I couldn’t find a download link for the whole set of games either.


Hi, Jade.

Can someone rename the files for the games and the walkthroughs?

We will release a zip file that may be better for that, but we are holding off a couple of days before finalizing it. We are trying this year to upload a more-inclusive archive of the competition to the IFArchive for historical purposes, so we’ve asked authors who are hosting their games off-site to send us zips of their work this weekend.

  • Jacqueline

The master zip won’t be up for a couple of days, as we’re working to get the online-only games included this year. Apologies, we were thinking about that zip as principally a thing for the Archive. I’ll post here again when we’ve uploaded that. In the meantime, please peruse the games on the ifcomp.org website.

  • Jacqueline

Yep - we’re working to get the games hosted on third-party sites in the archive file this year. This was a late-stage decision that made the IFArchive happy… next year I’ll see what I can do to maybe get that to happen sooner so that we have it at launch.

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I am really happy becouse all the games are downloadable. It lends me to play the games on the go, where there isn’t data covering for my smartphone.

  • Jade.

I am really happy becouse all the games are downloadable. It lends me to play the games on the go, where there isn’t data covering for my smartphone.

I’ll post again when we have the full zip, and next year we’ll work to get that ready at launch while still including most/all the games that are hosted by third-party websites like itch.io, adrift.org, etc.

Thanks for your answer! I was confused by the text at the top of the page that mentions “downloading the whole set at once” but of course it’s no problem to download the entries one by one as I play them. :slight_smile:

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Yay for all of the games being up! My Twitter feed has been a bit of a mess between IFComp and Spooktober games all dropping simultaneously, but it’s really fun seeing some familiar faces from the forum peep up on Twitter to let everyone else know to go play!


I never considered this! Something like walkthrough-(my game) would make it easier for people to sort things out if they dumped everything into one directory.

The thing is, though, “walkthrough.txt” felt like a convention for so long, before the days of easy tab completion and such, back when 8.3 file naming was a thing. I think Garry Francis made a request a few months ago to try to date-stamp names of edited binaries and this seems like a good guideline as well.

Oh, thanks. I think I understand @Jade’s question a bit more now. I’m afraid our zip is not going to help with that… I’ve always just unpacked a zip and perused using the same file structure found in the zip. I … doubt we could standardize the naming across the number of games we usually have in the competition.


I’ve always found the directory structure in the ZIP file really handy for managing the IFComp games. They don’t unpack into a single folder, so I can get at just what I need when I want it. So thanks!


I just created all of the IFDB pages (I’m pretty sure creating scripts to do so programmatically took less time than doing it manually…)

There are almost certainly errors in there, and I haven’t added the “IFComp 2022” tags or download links or genre tags or IFIDs.

Also, 71 entries is the same number as last year. I really thought there would be fewer…


That’s so nice of you to do for the community!

Also, it could just be me- but it seems like the general impression is that while some recognizable names from the forums haven’t entered this year, there does seem to be a lot more new names (perhaps some of them are older, returning people, but I did notice one author who is more active in Tumblr IF spaces as compared to the forums here, and just a bunch I haven’t seen before) that’ve entered? So maybe it all evened out in the wash!


Thank you for doing this!