IF Comp forum doesn't show up in RSS feed

I mostly consume this forum via the RSS feed at feed.php but the new “IFComp 2014 Game Discussion” doesn’t show up there. Could it be added? Are other boards excluded from the RSS feed?

I’m pretty sure that was done intentionally, years ago, due to spoilers. My RSS reader, for instance, doesn’t honor the Javascript block-hiding of the spoiler tag. With it included, a person hoping to play and judge without outside influences kind of couldn’t, if they used the RSS feed.

Whether or not anybody still cares, I don’t know. At the time, I know I did, and possibly others. It can be discussed.

Ah, well I just turned it on, not knowing it was deliberately switched off.

I don’t know how many people use the RSS feed. My server stats would show me total hits to it, but it doesn’t group them by IP so there would be multiples per person. I remember it also being not just because of spoilers, but because of things not tagged also – just general opinions of “this is great” or “this is bad” kept me from feeling that my opinion about a game was entirely my own.

This year, for me personally, it doesn’t matter. I’m actively seeking out suggestions. And if nobody else is worried about those posts showing up in their reader, it’s probably okay.