IF Comp and the Classroom

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I hope you’re doing well.

Have you discovered any particularly useful games in the current IF Comp? I’ve had a fairly close look at “Zozzled,” “Sugarlawn,” “Skies Above,” and “Pirateship,” and I’ve enjoyed them all.

“Zozzled” is parser-based and involves drinking fermented beverages, but there’s much more emphasis on eliminating ghosts by drinking them. It’s an amusing and well-crafted story, and it might be workable for older students.

“Sugarlawn,” “Skies Above,” and “Pirateship” are all quite puzzle-focused and good for teaching thinking skills. “Sugarlawn” and “Skies Above” are parser-based. “Pirateship” has a point-and-click interface that works somewhat like a parser.

What are you finding?

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“Out” got me to research some scientific terms I hadn’t known before. Wild stuff!

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I see what you mean! I looked up a couple, as well.

The story itself seems pleasant, too, and a quite thought-provoking!

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