IF Comp 2015 Reviews

This thread is the place to list review sites for the IF Comp games.

Should this be in the IFComp 2015 subforum?


It probably should be, but the previous sticky was in the general Competitions forum, so I put this one there also…

…except that I just emptied the IF Comp 2014 forum into general Competitions, so of course the sticky ended up there. Derp. Fixed.


The wiki page is also a good place to check if people are looking for reviews. The ones listed here will end up there eventually.

ifwiki.org/index.php/21st_An … on#Reviews

Here we go: playifreviewif.wordpress.com/ca … comp-2015/.

I’m doing review-as-I-play reviews this time.

I will be posting IF Comp reviews every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to my blog under the IF Comp 2015 tag, here. I just finished my first review of Alex Butterfield’s 5 Minutes to Burn Something!

Wade’s Important Astrolab:


Plus it’s on Planet IF.


Jenni Polodna’s reviews: pissylittlesausages.wordpress.com/



Edited to link to individual reviews as I publish them:

There are also reviews by Gnome at facebook.com/impishwords .

Posting reviews at dougegan2.blogspot.com/ for 2015 ifcomp

I’ll try to post when I play something.

(I don’t know how to filter by a tag on Medium, so link is “Latest Stories”, sorry) medium.com/@oreolek

Update: moved to en.oreolek.ru/ - that actually has a tag

I found another reviewer via Reddit! (just one so far)

somestrangecircus.blogspot.com/2 … ingle.html

There are reviews (in Italian) here.

Reviving IFography for comp reviews here: ifography.wix.com/ifography#!newsreviews/c198y

Popping back out of lurkerdom to post reviews again here!

Individual review links:

Midnight. Swordfight.
Untold Riches
Scarlet Sails


I did another IFComp review here:

somestrangecircus.blogspot.com/2 … npaid.html

I plan on doing a couple more over the month.