IF borked on Lion

Just got a new MacBook Pro running OSX 10.7.x aka Lion, and as briefly noted in some earlier threads, the available IF terps appear to be generally borked with Lion:

  • Zoom’s nifty iTunes-like game organization mechanism is broken (only Inform and Z code games appear in its listings; all the other info previously added manually to a repository disappears), and the various plugins also crash with various obscure errors (as previously reported). Zoom worked perfectly with 10.6 Snow Leopard.
  • Gargoyle simply hangs and can’t move beyond the opening bit of text.
  • Spatterlight doesn’t crash (so far have only tested I7 and T3 games) – but it was quite unstable with Snow Leopard oddly enough.

There appear to be lots of Mac people in this space, so what are you all doing now? Have you simply not yet moved on to Lion? Are you not playing IF for the time being? Is Spatterlight really the best option now? Is there some glaringly simple solution otherwise that I’m just not tumbling to? TIA!

Use this version of Gargoyle:

dl.dropbox.com/u/2759298/gargoyl … c_r557.dmg

A Gargoyle release containing this fix will appear soon. Also of Zoom, hopefully.

I have been using the above mentioned build of Gargoyle, but I’m eager for a Zoom update to appear (the file icons are so much prettier!).

I don’t think I’ve played any off-line IF since I upgraded to Lion, so thanks for the link! (I’ve been meaning to play the comp games, and I may have the time for it, starting the end of this week.)

After updating to Lion (wish I hadn’t, but that’s another story) Zoom got wonky in me. It won’t work with some games and will with others. I’ve been using Spatterlight and it hasn’t given a single hiccup. It even runs TADS games without a hitch. So a vote for Spatterlight here.

A new version of Zoom is now up that fixes this:

logicalshift.co.uk/rotate/2011/1 … -released/

Many thanks, Zarf! This is a beautiful thing indeed!