IF Archive improvements

(Andrew Plotkin) #1

I am taking some vacation time to do a bit of renovation work on the server.

The big change you will see is that the index page URLs now mirror the directory structure; they no longer have “X” or “.html”. So you can visit

ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … ition2018/

instead of

ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … n2018.html

(The old-style X URLs will still work, because URLs shouldn’t break.)

I’ve also added sha512 checksums to the Master-Index.xml file. I doubt this matters to anybody – I don’t think the md5 checksums were being used for anything – but md5 is old and broken, so the Ghost of Crypto-Nerds Past says “use something newer.”

(Really sha512 is also old and slightly broken. Maybe next Christmas I’ll install the latest Python and stick sha3 in there.)

The next big change will be that, sometime this week, I will put the site under the Cloudflare CDN service. This should handle load way more smoothly, and with way more bandwidth, than the volunteer mirrors which have existed for the past many years.

Volunteer mirror maintainers: thank you! You may continue to host your mirrors and rsync the IF Archive if you want to; but after Cloudflare goes up, your servers won’t be a critical resource. ifarchive.org/.

Cloudflare costs some money (at the level we intend to use it). This is cool because we have a nonprofit with money in the bank. Want to support the IF Archive? Your donation is appreciated: iftechfoundation.org/give/


The amazon smile link doesn’t seem to be working.


The Paypal button works.

Thanks for all you do for the IF community.



Looks like Amazon have simplified their links and it should now be: smile.amazon.com/ch/81-1920375

You can also sign in to smile.amazon.com, mouse over the “Supporting” thing below the main search bar, and click “Change” on the popup that appears showing the charity you’re currently supporting to search for the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation.

Also Smile is only 0.5% and not all purchases are eligible, so it seems like it would be pretty easy to do more good by donating directly…I’ve apparently generated all of $3.16 over the last year for the organization I’ve been “supporting”.

But hey, every little bit helps.

(Andrew Plotkin) #5

Thanks, we’ll update the link.

(Andrew Plotkin) #6

I’m kicking DNS over to CloudFlare. You may see HTTPS authentication errors (SSL cert errors) for the next day or so, as the CDN figures everything out.

(Andrew Plotkin) #7

mirror.ifarchive.org/ – they’re all the same server.

Everything should work now. If you find any problems, please let us know.

Note that the CloudFlare service does not include FTP. We have a long and fond history with FTP, but it’s not clear that anybody uses it any more. If you miss it, talk to us.