Identifying software as "Stable" on IFWiki

Thanks to everybody who has been adding software pages to IFWiki, and for adding infoboxes to existing pages.

Software only appears on our recommended lists (of interpreters and authoring systems) if it has been identified as “stable”. If you have experience of anything listed here – IFWiki:Software with unknown status – and can vouch for it being in stable (here, just meaning in working order) then that would be great.

Also, more generally, here is a list of pages which need software infoboxes to be added – IFWiki:Software without infoboxes – any help would be gratefully received!

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The following software has been added to the database, but has not yet been marked as stable, beta, unmaintained, or unavailable. (Please see @Jonathan’s link for an updated list.)

Software Type Date
6 day Authoring system
Adventure Book Authoring system
Adventurescape Authoring system
AdvSys Interpreter • Authoring system
AGiliTy Interpreter
AGT Authoring system
Aimfiz Interpreter
AScape Interpreter
AXMA Story Maker Authoring system
Borogove Authoring system
Creative Adventure Toolkit Authoring system
Curveship Authoring system
Eamon Authoring system
Escenadil Authoring system
Fizmo Interpreter 2017-09-10
GAGS Authoring system
Gelek Interpreter 2021-03-11
Gelek Vanilla Interpreter 2021-04-01
Hatrack II Authoring system
HugoJS Interpreter
Hypedyn Authoring system
IF D-pad Utility 2022-01-09
Jade Authoring system
Jadis Authoring system
NgPAWS Authoring system
QSP Authoring system 2010-10-19
Salet Authoring system
ScottFree Interpreter
Slackifpy Utility
Smash Authoring system
StoryHarp Authoring system April 2018
StoryNexus Authoring system
SUDS Authoring system
Superglús Authoring system
Textallion Authoring system
Texture Authoring system
Transmatte Utility 2010-03-04 Utility
Undum Authoring system
URQ Authoring system
Windrift Authoring system 2021-12-26
WinPAW Authoring system 2007
XTads Interpreter
ZXZVM Interpreter
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Here is the current list of software with unknown status:

6 day, Adventure Book, Adventurescape, AdvSys, AGiliTy, Aimfiz, AScape, Ashminster, AXMA Story Maker, Borogove, Creative Adventure Toolkit, Curveship-py, Eamon, Escenadil, Fizmo, GAGS, GAME4.0, Geas, Gelek, GLUZMA, Hatrack II, HugoJS, Hypedyn, IF D-pad, Inform, Jade, Jadis, JSZM, Level9, M3ZVM, NgPAWS, PSZM, QSP, Rebot, Rezrov, Salet, ScottFree, Slackifpy, Smash, StoryHarp, StoryNexus, SUDS, Superglús, SWAN, TAVERN, Textallion, Texture, Transmatte,, Undum, URQ, Viola, Windows Frotz 2002, Windrift, WinPAW, XZip, Zax, ZILF, Zork Machine Interpreter and Debugger, ZXZVM

Do you know about any of them?

It’s easy to register for the wiki and edit the relevant page. Alternatively you could reply here. Thanks.

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