Ideas Needed

Perhaps someone could challenge me? I’m working on a new project, since I haven’t worked on anything in Inform for a long time. Please don’t make it too difficult, but please comment some ideas or challenges I can use. I can’t promise I’ll use every idea, but I probably will use a lot of them.

The game I’m hoping to make will start out small, but with updates and as many ideas and features as I can do (which isn’t much, as I am planning on coding it all myself, sorry not looking for any collaboraters) and by the time I release it, will be quite large, hopefully.

So here’s a list of a few main ideas I have planned:

-Pocket Dimensions
-Open World (sorta)
Single player (But maybe after the world is big enough, hot seat multiplayer)
-Mysterious plot twists (just when you think you know the story…)

One last thing: I have a simple name that as far as I know, nobody’s used for a game. I plan not to reveal the name (except to alpha/beta testers when the game is ready) in order to create a little suspense.

-You could have each pocket dimension have a different kind of solution (so that one might be time travel, another a language puzzle, another based off of weighing things or math, although all of those are obnoxious to implement)
-You could have the game set up where a boss is giving you orders but you don’t find out until the end of the game that you were actually a double agent and should have been ignoring the orders, and you can replay sabotaging your ‘boss’
-You could make it so you absorb the powers of beings or puzzles you defeat
-You could have a device that changes the layout of the map
-You could give the player traps to set up in an area and later have a monster chase you through it.