Ideas for a youtube channel I have

About 6 months ago I started a Youtube channel mostly consisting of Gameplays (LPs, Challenges), a few reviews, and plan to do whatever (no serious loyalty to any genre or generation of games).

BUT; I’ve always loved interactive fiction and recently (2 months ago) got back into playing them.

I’m planning to feature IFs, Text Adventures, Visual Novels more frequently now, since most Youtube channels don’t (As far as I can tell).

At the same time, I’ve been incredibly iffy about posting many visual novels, infictions, and TAs for respect of spoilers. I don’t plan to go too in depth with alternate endings in gameplays or give away any spoilers to games in stand alone reviews; but at the same time, I think it would be nice to attempt to popularize the genre a bit more to spark interest in gamers that aren’t too keen on the IF/TA/VN genre.

What do you guys think?

As some of the members here are actual writers and most here are players/readers, am I crossing a boundry that the writers and players here don’t appreciate?

Or, are my attempts to specialize a section of my Youtube channel towards IF/TA/VNs welcome?

I’m currently doing videos to:
Psy High
Hatoful Boyfriend

I’ve also been planning to do:
Choice of Robots
To Be, Or Not To Be (once it’s released, 2/4/2015 on Steam)
&… (I know this would be a hefty walkthrough, but) The Doom Trilogy (Countdown to Doom, Return to Doom, and Last Days of Doom)

I have other games I’ve done, are doing, and am planning to do at the moment that are not on the lists above; but they’re not IF/TA/VNs, so I exclude those from the list.

Oh btw: I also plan to do top 10/5s of IF/VN/TAs in the future. So if anybody has good games I should check out or consider, please leave a comment below.

Personally I enjoy watching people playing IF, and other games too. I think posting videos like that can be a great tool for authors as well - it’s not every day that one can see how players react to the game and what goes through their mind, and I always find it very interesting.
The only video like that on Youtube I’m aware of is the one where a guy plays Cypher for about an hour while talking ; I found it very interesting, with lots of takeaways for me as an author.

As for whether it’s a problem for authors or not, it probably depends :slight_smile: So any advice I’d give may be wrong. But I’d say: as long as you don’t play the full game, it should be ok?

And Lost Pig is always fun, and works well for playing/reading in public with an audience who’s not necessarily used to IF!

There are a handful of other contexts where people do something like this – ClubFloyd plays IF as a group and posts transcripts, and Clash of the Type-Ins is a podcast where people play and comment on IF – and I think the consensus is that that is cool and interesting, rather than being a problem. If players want to remain unspoiled on a particular game, they can just save that episode until after they’ve tried the game themselves.

My impression is that there’s room in the world for more of this, so by all means go for it.

Sweet, I had the feeling it’d be welcome ^_^. I’ll look into ClubFloyd and Clash of the Type and take notes for my channel.

Lol, Lost Pig has been on my list of games to play for quite some time, I should really consider it.

Thank you for the input.

fantastic idea

with some luck it may be able to catch about as much of the excitement of the media as this: