Ideal size for Parchment cover images

What’s the ideal size (in pixels) for the cover art when shown in the default Parchment web page?

I can only see in style.css that the width is 12.6em. As that is a relative measurement, it should make it device independant. I have an image that is 315x250 for my cover art. That gets truncated at the right and overwrites the links below. I can crop it to make it square and scale it to make it smaller, but what settings should I use?

I could also change the css, but I’m looking for a general-purpose solution so that I don’t have to manually edit the css for every game.

EDIT: I just realised that the default cover image is 120x120 pixels. Perhaps that is the right size to use.

The standard Inform 7 web page template – which is what I think you’re asking about – is described here: 25.8. Cover art

Thanks. It looks like that covers it. As I’m not really an Inform 7 user, I didn’t know that existed.

EDIT: Wow, there’s lots of other interesting stuff in there, too.

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