I'd like to download raw text from a private topic but can't

I’m in the process of migrating my posts from the private author’s forum to IFDB.

On the main discourse forum, I saw a neat trick to download the raw markup for topic # xxx on the board. So I tried it. But looking at the link https://intfiction.org/raw/58781 gave “oops private.”

Other topics I’ve posted, e.g. https://intfiction.org/raw/58716 allow me to see and save the raw text.

This is valuable because, unlike ctrl-shift-p to print, it shows spoiler tags and so forth.

Now I suppose we could make the topic temporarily public so I could download things. But 1) I’d rather keep it private if possible and 2) maybe I’m missing some URL magic or login permissions or something to get it to work.

I’d rather the topic be kept hidden if possible, but if it isn’t, would anyone be willing to make it un-private for a few minutes so I can download the raw text?

Or, better, can anyone note the best way I could make my own topic temporarily public-viewable before I change it back? Would it just be a matter of removing the “IFComp 2022 authors” tag for a bit?

That seems workable, but I wanted to check before I did it, not just for my own enlightenment but for others’.

Oh, and to share the “raw” URL trick I picked up elsewhere. I imagine someone else will find it useful!



You’d just need to temporarily change the category it’s available in, I believe – the tag shouldn’t matter. You just click the edit topic pencil at the upper-right of the thread title, then use the drop-down menu that pops up on the left, next to the tag box.