I'd appreciate some VERY early looks at my Spring Thing game

I’m doing a small IF work for this year’s Spring Thing. It’s not puzzly, more of a diorama-like mood piece. You could probably test every single interaction in under 30 minutes at this point. It’s nowhere near done, but the early locations are pretty complete.

I’m aiming at having a small world with very rich interaction. I like every small piece to be examinable and override many of the default actions with some funny writing.
I’d love to have an IF vet or beginner get in there and give me some early feedback on what I might be missing.

What did you try and hope worked? What kind of fun interaction could I have added to pique your interest? Are there any bugs at this point? etc.

Can anyone offer to spend a short moment with this (parser, inform7) IF and give me some early feedback?


I will take a look.

Let me know how I can obtain or view the game.


Thank you, I’ll message you.

Didn’t realize I can’t message privately here. I can email you a gblorb file, or, after this weekend I’ll be able to post a version online.


I received your email. Send me the file directly or however you would like.

Thanks, Jeff

The online play is broken right now (I think it’s the OS X Inform IDE) but the gblorb file should work. (Hopefully you got the link to the game… someone pointed out that leaving it here publicly is technically a “release”)

I managed to fix online play so you should just be able to play at that URL:
(Hopefully you got the link to the game… someone pointed out that leaving it here publicly is technically a “release”)

Hi Daniel,

I did not receive a link to the online version.

Thank you,


I’d love to take a look at a gblorb file if you’d like to make one available to me.

They deleted the download link, but you can still see what it was in their edit history.

I’m not going to take a look at a file that is not freely offered to me.

You can email the file to specific testers without breaking the release rule. That’s what I do with my competition games. Exchange email addresses via private message, then send the game file plus testing instructions. Good luck!

Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t follow the competitions so I didn’t realize that there were specific rules about releases and such.

Hey man, sorry I can’t post a link publicly or private message you. Email me danieltalsky@gmail.com and I’ll send you the link.

Please email danieltalsky@gmail.com and I’ll send a link and instructions.