İcon for passages

Twine Version: 2.7.1
[Sugarcube 2.36.1]

Hey guys.
I want to use icon for passages. I found out something like that in the internet but I think it is not the one Im looking for. Here is what I found and its not work it.

a href=“[[twitter]]”>
src= “” height=“150”

I just want to use some images to make player roam around in my game. Shorty ,when the player click the icon he/she needs to be lead to passage I write. İf its possible please help me…

Kind Regards :heart:

You can an images inside the link markup or macros in Sugarcube:
Image Markup: [img[Title of link|Image URL][PASSAGE NAME]]
Link Macro: <<link '<img src="URL">'>><</link>>

Thank you SİR!!!
Kind Regards

You’re welcome! Don;t hesitate to post again if you have more questions.
(I’m a woman :wink: see my profile)