Icehouse Jam 2021 entry 'Pity of Thieves' (and Merry Christmas!)

I thought I’d drop by to wish you special people a Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: !

Plus, I wanted to share my first ever attempt at a classic style text adventure. Its name is a bad pun on the CYOA book by Ian Livingstone.

It’s written with my Python library, so if you’d like to skip installation and try it out immediately, there’s an instance of it online at

This was my entry in a 3-week Game Jam, and so this is not a full-length game. But I’d like to think of it as a glimpse of what might be possible in 2022…

Best wishes for a happy holiday :grinning:


I’ve only played a minute or two, but this is cool. And it’s cool you did it in Python!

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David Benioff (yes, the Game of Thrones TV show writer) also has a book called City of Thieves, which I recommend very highly.


Cool, thanks. I’ll take a look at that. Happy New Year!

Thank you!

Python deserves a library for creating Interactive Fiction. And I think Balladeer is ready now for that.
My challenge is that I’m very green as an author of IF. So every demo suffers a bit from my clumsiness…

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Here’s an update with the final results. Pity of Thieves came 4th in the judging. This in a game jam which largely anticipated graphical (Myst-like) entries.

There were some comments to the effect that the piece was ‘original’, a ‘cool experience’, and that the ‘storytelling and art style worked well’.

This isn’t to boast, but to offer evidence that Interactive Fiction can still get a welcome from those not expecting it.