Ice-Bound update: now on PC and Kickstarter!

Those of you who saw my earlier post about Ice-Bound and were saddened that it was iPad-only, will be happy to know the game is now coming to webcam-equipped PCs, too!

(We’d love to bring it to Macs as well, but at the moment our augmented reality library doesn’t support Mac OS, so we’ll have to find a different solution for that portion of the project. Not ruling it out, but we can’t make any promises yet.)

Relatedly, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to help produce the printed book part of the project, with a special pre-order price for backers. We’ve had an amazing first day so far, and I’ve already seen a lot of familiar names from the IF world pop up in the list of backers. Thanks to everyone for your support, and help us spread the word if you’re able!