I7 v10 Compiled and Installed on a Raspberry Pi 4

Using Hanno’s installation guide, I was able to compile i7 v10 on my RPi 4 4Gb w/4 cores this afternoon. (It consumed most of the afternoon). After installation, all checks including the “make check” test completed successfully. Yay! The only discrepancy was with the Robert Fripp - New Standard Tuning extension.

This is the first time I have ever been able to get i7 to work on an RPi and its Arm processor. The RPi version 4 is running the latest RaspOS 64 bit available. After completing the install the tests and check took about two hours to complete.

I am now in the “Now What?” mode.

Again, I will be following Hanno’s guide for story compilation. I must say it looks pretty complicated with multiple steps through the new system.

More later, probably tomorrow…


My i7-helpers might help with project creation and compilation (for Linux or other *nix-ish environments).


Does Robert Fripp have a Standard Tuning?

That’s a discovery in itself :laughing:


Thank you Zed. I did look at i7-helpers and included a link to it on my website.

It will be in my mix tomorrow. :wink:

The Fripp Tuning test was near the end of the “make check” test protocol… I haven’t investigated whether or not it is significant.

Hi Zed,

I did compile a working i7 - 10 game using a modified version of the ifhelpers scripts. That and the info mentioned earlier by Hanno.

It is great that we can now compile and run Inform7 with a Raspberrry PI. Wahoo! It is definitely a first for me. (i6 with the Standard Library and with Punyinform has been working for a while.)

Thank you for the help!

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